I Want to Ride my Bicycle

Today I rode my new bicycle to work!

I have wanted to ride to work for years now, but the old apartment was 8.4 miles from my office… that’s just too far. The new house is only 3 miles and change according to Google Maps! So Saturday I found a cool bike on Craigslist and went and bought it. Isn’t it beautiful? It even has a basket! It’s even turquoise!

There are so many benefits to riding my bike to work-

1. Saving money. The bus costs $3 per day. That’s $48 a month I can spend on SHOES.

2. More exercise. I detest the very idea of joining a gym, and this is good exercise that actually gets me somewhere.

3. No more bus. I have mostly enjoyed riding the bus for the last 4 years but some of the new policies have made bus riding much less enjoyable, most especially requiring the drivers to run the air conditioning at all times in the summer. It’s a terrible policy. It’s extremely uncomfortable for the passengers, dressed in clothes for hot weather, and the windows run with condensation, which is dangerous for the bus driver. The bus now is a back-up, not a default.

4. Saving time. The bus ride is a 10 minute walk plus a 40 minute ride, each way. The bike ride took 35 minutes door-to-door. And no more worrying about missing the bus!

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