Presenting the Garden Plan

So tonight I am presenting the garden plan to my landlady.

I am so nervous.

Surrounded by books and lists and more books.

This is a big plan for the front and east side of the house. Fig, pomegranate, persimmon, avocado, and peach trees. Tons of flowering and fruiting bushes to attract birds and provide nesting areas. Rock garden areas to attract lizards and other reptiles. A big emphasis on matching butterfly host plants and nectar plants to attract butterflies and support them through their entire life cycle. Good infrastructure, too, benches and paths and birdbaths, maybe even a beautiful recycled gate or two.

The big layout for the front and east side of the house. We expect this to take a full year to implement.

We worked really hard on this garden plan. It’s beautiful. It’s affordable if we take it in stages. Best of all, it’s completely free for the property owners. The only thing we’re asking for them to pay for is the removal of one damaged tree at some point in the future.

Here is the detail drawing of the butterfly garden.

It’s also a huge change. This was the property manager’s mother’s home, the house she grew up in. I’m so hoping she’s open to such a radical change from the way it looks now.

Huge thank yous to Amy Carpus, GRU conservation analyst and native tree identifier extraordinaire, Kristen Gilpin, head of the Bioworks Butterfly Garden at the Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa, and Ryan Fessenden, manager of the Butterfly Rain Forest at the Florida Museum of Natural History for allowing yourselves to be bribed with good food and liquor!

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