Herb Spirals, Not Muffins

Today’s post was supposed to be about wonderful whole-grain muffins with wildflower honey as the only sweetener, but frankly they didn’t turn out as delicious as the recipe sounded. So instead, you get more permaculture plans.

My project for this Friday morning is an herb spiral built on a hugelkultur bed. Doesn’t that just sound cool already? Hugelkultur is a permaculture method of making garden beds built on top of large chunks of wood. The wood inside the beds holds large amounts of water, produces heat, and eventually decomposes into humus, which worms and fungus and plants turn into rich soil. I don’t really need the heat but I desperately need the organic matter in this sandpit. I know exactly what you’re thinking… rotting vegetation ties up nitrogen, so where’s the nitrogen for the plants going to come from? Well, that’s why the plants will be planted directly into a mix of spoiled straw and semi-composted rabbit manure, then deeply mulched. Yes, it’s risky. Life is an experiment, and herb plants are cheap.

I knew immediately after visiting the house for the very first time that I was going to build an herb spiral. Mrs. Boothby, the lady who lived and gardened here for 30 years, was very fond of landscaping with coquina. There is a large amount of coquina in the yard of varying sizes and chunks, so I have plenty of rock to use. The only decision left is where to put it.

This weekend is my Insane Gardener Posse (remember Insane Clown Posse? It’s like that, only with gardeners) and hopefully at the end of the weekend I’ll have an actual design for this overwhelmingly huge yard clutched in my gleeful hands. I am wealthy in my friends.

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