The Long Walk Home

On Friday I decided to walk to the new house from work. I needed some exercise after an overly-indulgent lunch at Harvest Thyme and needed some mental space and quiet before the madness of Moving Weekend.

You know what? Gainesville is a beautiful city.

A hidden backyard sanctuary and a fence covered in passionflowers, along with Gulf Fritillary caterpillars, of course

There were so many beautiful gardens. I wandered all through the Duckpond area and up through the Northeast side, paying careful attention to thriving fruit trees and what plants were grouped together both in planned gardens and in the wild edges and empty lots. Part of permaculture design is creating guilds- groups of plants that support each other biologically. Learning which plants like to be together can be learned by paying attention to the nature all around us. It just takes time and careful study.

I love this yard. It was like a cool shady oasis, beckoning me in, in a street full of mown grass and boring trimmed hedges.

As I wandered, I snapped pictures of gardens that I was drawn to. I realized that I was caught by the same style of garden over and over. Dense. Lush. Layered, with trees and large flowering bushes and low underplantings. Shaded and cool. No grass.

Brand new garden being installed in stages in the Duckpond. I love the interlocking circles and curves.

Another huge stack of gardening books from the library awaits me. I think I’ll be ready to start sketching out plans soon.

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