Blueberries and Coming Home

Going away is great. It makes you appreciate being home so much more.

The Spanish Peaks from my friend's back yard!

Colorado in April sure made me appreciate humidity in a whole new way. My gills dried out.

Eating very little home-cooked food for a week also made me appreciate my regular diet. I went to the downtown farmer’s market after work yesterday with an eye to add even more fresh produce to my diet for the rest of the week and cut way back on processed sugar. And behold! A whole table of fresh blueberries! So of course I bought a pint for dessert.

Oh, sour. Huge and plump and fresh and beautiful and terribly, terribly sour.

So we ate them happily anyway… over vanilla ice cream with a sprinkle of my hoarded pecans and a drizzle of cane syrup. I think the rest will become Blueberry-Banana Baked Oatmeal if I’m feeling virtuous, and Blueberry Boy Bait if I’m not.


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