Kumquat Liqueur and a New Garden

My garden for the past 4 years has been a shady postage stamp and 2 4×8 nematode infested raised beds.

No more.

In May, a mere month away, we will be moving into a glorious new house with… wait for it…

A real garden.

It already has mature fruit trees, raised vegetable beds, and a huge sunny front yard with no grass, just waiting to be filled with native butterfly plants. I can barely sleep because every time I close my eyes my brain starts applying permaculture techniques and matching companion plants. Then tonight after the Grow Gainesville meeting at the library I picked up these.

I may never sleep again.

The second time we went to visit the house, when we finally decided we wanted it, I started claiming my territory by filling my t-shirt with ripe kumquats off the overloaded tree in the backyard. I had no idea what I would do with them, but I couldn’t bear to think of all those beautiful jewel-like fruits just going to waste.

Have you ever eaten a raw kumquat? If you eat more than a couple, your mouth starts to go numb.

So when I got home I got on tastespotting and started looking at kumquat recipes. Marmalade? Pickled? Salted? Candied?  And then my eyes fell on the dusty half-full bottle of “cake” flavored vodka on top of the fridge.

The best part? My kumquat-vanilla liqueur will be ready just in time to sit in my new backyard and sip on a cocktail made with kumquats out of my own yard on the first evening in our new home. I just can’t wait.

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