What’s in the Basket?

Spring variety is wonderful right now!

In the basket: swiss chard, green onions, garlic chives, purple amaranth greens, ugly cucumbers, ancho peppers, Italian frying peppers, beets, multi-colored carrots, strawberries, parsley, goat cheese, goat kefir. Purchased but not in the basket because they squish easily- 2 large bags of over-ripe and bruised tomatoes. Grand total $40.

Our meal plan this week is easy!

Tonight- just me, myself at home alone… leftovers
Sunday- Venison or pork 13-bean chili
Monday- Grilled Florida Mangrove Snapper with herb mustard glaze, parsley rice, honey-roasted carrots and garlicky sauteed chard
Tuesday- spaghetti with homemade marinara
Wednesday- Breakfast for dinner! Sweet potato skillets with leftover roast beef, green onions, mushrooms, peppers, and sunny-side-up eggs. Maybe with waffles.
Thursday- buckwheat feta burgers with parsley sauce, sweet potato oven fries, and green salad

Friday- off to visit the in-laws!

Lunches- this palm heart salad with shrimp for Jim and maybe the kids, Ethiopian yellow split pea stew for me with added carrots and squash and spelt injera, cucumbers and egg salad for the kids

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