Kohlrabi and a Meal Plan

In the basket: carrots, lacinato kale, french sorrel, cabbage, hamlin oranges, red and green peppers, and a large number of kohlrabi. This doesn’t sound like much but I have quite a bit of produce left over from last week.

This is a very busy week for us, so dinners either have to be quick or crockpot.

Blackened trout, sweet potato oven fries, apple and kohlrabi slaw

Crockpot beef with red wine and mushrooms, cauliflower puree, roasted carrots and rutabaga

Lemongrass pork with kale

Leftover shredded beef in quesadillas with sauteed peppers

Baking: Coconut banana bundt cake

Projects: lacto-fermented sauerkraut, water buffalo tongue pastrami

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