Check out the new digs…

I’m back! Okay, so it’s been a little more than the week I expected this to take (in fact, it’s been a little more than two weeks) but we’re almost done! Take a look at all the changes:

My own domain. This was the first step to the new Green Basket.

Cow Pool Gainesville now has its own listing on This is a big deal for me! I’m hoping this will help the Cow Pool group grow and expand, as well as making more connections between producers and consumers.

Green Basket now has a Twitter account and a Facebook page. I went to a social media and marketing workshop through the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce a few months ago and I’m excited to finally apply what I learned there. Want to hear about an incredible deal at the Farmer’s Market or a great find at the Asian grocer? Follow me on Twitter. Want to see new posts, local “foodshed” news, photos, and the occasional re-posting of other great blogs and news sites I come across? Like my new Facebook page! It’s all about information and connecting.

The Coming of Bride by John Duncan

I have a bunch of new projects coming up in the garden, in the kitchen, and out in the community, not to mention a few kitchen successes from the past two weeks, but housekeeping must be finished first. Please let me know if you find any weird spots, dead links or something’s not quite right. You can comment here or email me directly.

Imbolg, the feast of Brigid, starts at sundown today. Since this is also my older son’s birthday, I’ll be celebrating with a slice of Leonardo’s Pizza and a heaping pile of our plentiful and gorgeous gardenias on her altar.  Happy Imbolg, everyone!


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