Best Cow Pool Ever

Yesterday was the pick up day for the cow pool!

I arrived at the butcher’s just before they were closing up, so the butcher himself helped me sort and weigh shares this time. It’s a big job and I was very thankful for the help. And so we were sorting the cuts into each bag and the piles on the rack just didn’t seem to be shrinking very quickly. We filled up all 14 share bags and there was still more meat left! We ended up with almost exactly 50 pounds more cut & wrapped meat than I estimated from the initial weight of the cow. Just goes to show that there’s always more to learn.

This is the first time every single person who signed up to buy a cow share showed up. The extra shares are sold. My faith in the basic good in humanity is restored and Sunday evening I will be eating a steak that would make Fred Flintstone’s knees quiver.

Life is good.

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