Did you say local cornmeal?

I walked over to the Downtown Farmer’s Market Wednesday afternoon to buy something yummy for dinner and scout for stocking stuffers. There is nothing like wandering around the market to spark ideas. Everything was so beautiful!

Look at all the beautiful greens! Winter is the only time many of these greens will grow here.

I love Graham Farms. He always has the best cauliflower. I bought a cauliflower larger than my head for $3.

The first thing I had to buy was yet another bag of pecans… yes, I know I already have several pounds in the freezer. But these were not just any pecans, these were specifically Elliott pecans. She had another kind of pecan for sale, but I only had eyes for the Eliotts.

Elliott pecans are usually sold in their cracked shells because they have very thin skins and a high oil content so they're fragile and harder to shell. They are also much sweeter because of the thin, almost nonexistent skin.

And then I round the corner and who do I see but Mr. Green of Greenway Farms! Gainesville Cow Pool gets all of its beef from Greenway Farms because of their rotational grazing system and overall health of their herd. He has his home-built mill running now and is milling grits and cornmeal from his own open-pollinated corn. Greenway Farms will be at the Wednesday market every other week selling oranges, cornmeal, and grits for the rest of the winter. I am always excited to find a local source for staple items like cornmeal.

I was so excited to see Greenway Farms selling cornmeal and grits at the Wednesday farmer's market. This is the kind of diversified farming our community needs and we desperately need to see even staples like cornmeal as lovingly tended food again, and not just as commodities to be bought for the lowest price.

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