Pig Pool and Guest Photographer

My sister, Erin Thomas of Erin Thomas Photography, is here visiting for the week! She came out to Crawford’s Custom Meats with me to pick up the wild hog shares for the Cow Pool. I am especially excited about this share, because it included the half-ham I’m curing for our Christmas dinner.

One of these cows is ours, but I don't know which one.

Here's the meat before it's sorted, all in a big basket

Then I sort the cuts into bags and weigh each bag

This time the shares were 5 and 10 pounds, most of the time everyone gets the same amount of meat.

I’m so thankful we’re getting so many opportunities for pools over the winter. Our brand new deep freezer is filling up nicely. The venison a few weeks ago was a nice change from all the pork we’ve been eating, but I’m really looking forward to the grass-fed beef pool in a few short weeks. All the money we’re laying out for shares of meat this winter will hopefully mean smaller grocery bills all spring and summer… we just have to reduce our weekly budget instead of spending the money each week on something else!

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