Cheese Stuffed Mini-Pumpkins

Oh how I am going to go a little nuts with this recipe. It’s completely free-form. You take tiny pumpkins. You stuff them with cheese and cream and white wine and bake, and it makes this decadent fondue-like filling inside. Each person gets their own pumpkin, or several people can share a tiny one. You can try any kind of melting cheese, or a combination of cheeses. You could even make beer-cheese soup inside each little pumpkin. Add herbs, garlic, whatever you like.

Cheese Stuffed Mini-Pumpkins

inspired by Four n’ Twenty Blackbird’s Not Pumpkin Soup

Each of these pumpkins is only a little bigger than my fists put together. The orange ones came from the 441 Market and the green ones from Ward's Supermarket. I hope the same farmer has more tiny pumpkins next week because I will buy them all.

We filled four of the pumpkins with Sage Derby cheese. This one was especially tiny and filled with a creamy Havarti for my daughter, who doesn't like sage.

They all got a little overbaked, I was trying to make sure they were absolutely soft. The cheese mixed with the pumpkin was heavenly, though next time I'll add a higher ratio of wine and cream to cheese for a soupier consistency and maybe add some roasted garlic. Mmm, roasted garlic and pumpkin.

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