Meal plan and winter garden!

Meal plan for the week… we have to eat some of this pork because literally nothing else will fit in the freezer.

Monday- tteokbokki with leftover char siu, shiitakes, and bok choy
Tuesday- red beans and rice with smoked pork hocks and neck bones
Wednesday-pho with homemade pork meatballs
Thursday- ginger beer-braised pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato oven fries, buttered squash
Friday- leftovers or take-out pizza

I finally got the winter garden seeds planted this afternoon!

Planting the peas

I stopped at Gardener’s Edge a few days ago to buy seeds, and they talked me into two different winter peas, another kind of multicolored chard, and I picked up lacinato kale and a broad-leaf sage plant. I don’t know why, but I have no luck with sage. I have small forests of oregano and thyme, and in the winter grow tons of cilantro and parsley, but just cannot get sage to grow. This time I’m planting it in the fall and just see what happens.

Sweet potatoes, starting to yellow slightly but still hanging in there

I had plenty of bamboo stakes left so I made my own trellises, just four long stakes lashed together at head height, and planted several seeds of each kind of pea at the base of each stake.

In the corner closest in the photo is the oregano and rigani, which are slowly taking over the whole bed.

Currently growing or planted:

Fordhook Giant swiss chard
Multicolored swiss chard
Amish Snap peas
Blue Podded Shelling peas
Italian Parsley
Slow-bolting Cilantro
Garlic Chives
Sweet potatoes of an unknown variety

So excited!

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