The change in seasons, what’s in the basket

Watching the seasons change by observing what’s available at the farmer’s market can be exciting.

I haven’t been to the Saturday market in about a month so the change seemed so dramatic. Of course there were still the ever-present eggplants (how can anyone even look at eggplants by now?) But there were finally new things on tables! Arugula! Greens! Cheese! Pecans! Turnips! Pumpkins everywhere!

So colorful this week!

In the basket this week:

Seminole pumpkin, chevre and a dozen eggs, peppers, spicy Chinese stir-fry greens, green onions, shiitake mushrooms, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, persimmons, tiny cucumbers and bok choy.

I love the smooth-skinned Seminole pumpkins, they're so easy to peel and the flesh is sweet and dense.

I wish I had brought more cash with me. Next week I will buy several pounds of new-crop pecans, enough to last me a while. And honey, which I didn’t get this week. And a chicken. And some of the incredible havarti from Cypress Point Creamery. And most importantly, no eggplants.

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