Pork week menu and seedling fail

This may seem like a lot of meat, but there are five of us and we eat about a pound of meat at each meal… only a 1/5 of a pound per person. I’m not going to post the posole recipe, it was not the best thing I’ve ever made, though with a little work it would be a great way to use up leftover pork roast.

It sure was beautiful, though! Leftover roast pork, hominy, green beans, and mole verde

Tuesday: Pork posole with roasted tomatillos
Wednesday: Dwaeji (pork belly) bulgogi with all the fixings
Thursday: Fried rice with the leftover bulgogi meat, Chinese sausages, and vegetables
Friday: Pho

Tomatillos and green chiles, ready for roasting. So pretty!

Something has mown all of my lettuce and chard seedlings back down to the ground. I’m going to plant again this weekend and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll try sweet peas instead.

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