Week of porky goodness

I picked up five shares of porky goodness Wednesday from my favorite butcher, Crawford’s Custom Meats in Worthington Springs. Bill has been our butcher of choice for about two years now. After I portioned out and weighed the shares of the two wild hogs, I stayed and chatted with Bill and one of his other customers for a bit, and asked if I could take some pictures to show you all.

Bill of Crawford's Custom Meats, who hates having his picture taken but loves showing off his shop

Crawford’s is mostly a deer processor. Hunters take their wild game there to have it cut up after it’s field dressed. Farmers also take cows, pigs, and the occasional goat there if they don’t have the facilities to butcher themselves.

They are not a USDA licensed butcher so can not sell meat directly to the public. What they sell is their butchering services. Crawford’s also makes venison and pork sausage and can smoke bacon, hocks, and hams by request. I like my own sausage better, but I did have them smoke the neckbones and hocks for seasoning.

This is a little over twenty five pounds and doesn't include the pig roast we already ate because we couldn't fit it in the freezer

This share will become not only carnitas, posole, pork ragu and char siu for stir-fry and bao, I’ve also set aside pieces for my first charcuterie experiments… curing my own bacon and pancetta!

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