October Unprocessed and realistic expectations

Today begins our October Unprocessed week, and the week is already unfolding differently than I had envisioned. I am working late almost all week and worked all of this past weekend, which means that my wonderful husband did all of the grocery shopping and will be doing the vast majority of the cooking this coming week. He’s a great cook but not a baker, so while I might be able to bake some quick muffins or a bundt cake, things like the kid’s sandwich bread will be store-bought.  There will be regular mayonnaise and ketchup and canned tomatoes. He is committed to the challenge but to a slightly less challenging degree.

And you know what? That’s okay.

The point to these challenges is not supposed to be judgement. No one is going to come knocking on my door if we eat whole wheat sandwich bread from the grocery store instead of baking it myself. There is no bar to reach other than the one we set ourselves, and even that can be moved. Even the smallest changes can make a big impact. Our diet is already very good, we already eat very little processed foods compared to the average American family, and even though I’m always looking for ways to make it better I’m not going to beat myself up about it. So my revised bar for this week is going to be refined sugar. I will do my best to avoid refined sugar for the week and if I get a chance to bake I will try baking with natural sugars like honey.

Monday: Chili with ground beef
Tuesday: Pot roast with root vegetables
Wednesday: Pork chops, sauteed asparagus and green beans with garlic, baked sweet potatoes
Thursday: Cobb salad
Friday: Soup with the leftovers, grilled cheese sandwiches

I’ll be posting Jim’s recipes every day, so stay tuned!

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