Pig pool ho!

Wild pigs from huntsflorida.com

One of our favorite local butchers, Crawford Custom Meats in Lake Butler, called me last week with two feral hogs. Wild pig! I finally touched base with his yesterday to give him cutting instructions, so I’ll be picking up about 85 pounds of free-range wild pork next week to distribute among 4 shareholders.

I will happily buy all the feral pig we possibly can. Feral hogs are a serious agricultural pest around here. Peanuts are a huge crop in this area and the feral pigs can ruin entire fields of peanuts. They are an introduced species and do a great deal of damage to not only crops but wild areas. I’m hoping we can go hunting sometime this autumn, and if we do, we’ll probably hunt pigs. Hunting feral hogs is a favor to the ecosystem and to the farmers. We are their only predators.

This summer was so busy I didn’t have enough free time to organize a cow pool, I hope I can do one in November.

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