Black Peas Surprise

Sometimes gardening is all about surprises.

Several months ago I planted an entire half of a garden bed in field peas I bought from Farmer John at the 441 market. I thought they were plain old acre peas. They took a while to get started but once they did I had a serious jungle. I wanted to try for dry beans so I let them mature all the way until the pods were dry and starting to crackle, then I plucked them off and added them a few at a time to a bag in the fridge.

Crazy pea jungle in August

This evening, totally on a whim, I decided to shell my peas.

And surprise! They are black as turtle beans!

Surprise! Black peas!

What looked to me like a massive jungle of pea plants produced exactly 1/2 cup of dry peas. And half of this I should set aside for growing in the spring. *wry laugh* Granted, I knew the yield was low, I didn’t fertilize enough, but this is a bit of reality on what yields are required for actual self-sufficiency.

My hard-won half-cup of dry black peas! Aren't they beautiful?

Now I just have to figure out what to do with them!

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