No processed foods for a month?

I was link-jumping this morning and came across this Grist article asking “Could you go without processed foods for a month?

My immediate answer was of course, Yes!

However, after reading about the original challenger and his stories about feeding her family during this challenge, now I’m not so sure. First, wow the expense. Then the time involved. I spend an hour+ on dinners most nights, and several additional hours on weekends making lunches ahead for the week, baking so my kids have wholesome snacks or breakfasts, or other food-production projects like canning or preserving seasonal produce. More time spent on food production around here would be really challenging.

I really like this extra tip at the bottom:

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
…or impose more on your children than you think they are comfortable with. In our house we are challenging ourselves to a week of “hard core” unprocessed eating, and a month of “soft core.” That means we’re not going to feel guilty about enjoying a batch of chocolate-chip cookies (homemade, of course!) or hot cocoa (from scratch!) after school.

It’s too late for us to try and do the whole month, but I wonder if we could try just one “hardcore week” during this month? I will talk to the husband and kids about it this weekend.

What do you think? Would you do this? How would your family react?

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