Nematodes and Irony

I finally pulled my cantaloupe plants and sent the roots to the Division of Plant Industry on SW 34th street to check them out. Well, I found out why my tomatoes and cantaloupes failed to thrive. And my chili peppers in big tubs. And my sweet potatoes.

Root-knot nematodes.

Guess how I probably got them?

Mulch. Yep. Trying to do what you’re supposed to do, mulch deeply, is probably what introduced the nematodes. I bought 4 bags of GM2 mix back in the late spring and spread it over both beds and the big bin containers that the chilis are planted in. The GM2 mulch is the only thing that the garden beds and the chili containers shared, and they all have nematode damage.

I’m pretty sure that’s irony.

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