New nematode-killing chemical- is this a good idea?


This is a nematode.

This article in the Gainesville Sun led to a crash course in nematodes today.

Many questions are left unanswered. Does Econem kill all nematodes? Many nematodes are beneficial. Killing all nematodes is just like killing the one caterpillar species chewing on your tomatoes and all of the pollinating wasps and butterflies right along with them. Their website goes into decent detail on how their product works, but it does not say anything about whether it kills all nematodes, or only the ones it targets.

Only 10% of nematodes are plant pests, but those few nematodes are serious problems for agriculture. I have struggled with root-knot nematodes in my own garden for a couple of years now. I am skeptical of claims of an easy fix for anything but I will be watching this product development very closely.

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