local grown vs. local purchased, weekly menu

So it’s official.

We’re all sick of eggplant. And okra. Did I mention we’re sick of eggplant?

The farmer’s market Saturday was fairly sparse. Some of the regulars didn’t even bother to come, they’re probably on vacation if they made enough this year to take one. This is late summer, the hot & rainy season, intensely bug-filled, between the spring and fall growing seasons. We spent only $20, less than half what we usually spend, mostly on fruit and what few veggies and herbs we could find that were not eggplant or okra. Some early tomatoes (bliss!!) and cucumbers. More basil, chives, green onions and shiso. A few sweet peppers.

So this week we broke down and bought most of our vegetables at Wards market. Lettuce! Carrots! Regular mushrooms! Napa cabbage! Parsley! All out of season! Madness! The kids didn’t even notice, which amused me.

Tonight: salmon patties and salad
Tuesday- kingfish, rice and curried sweet potatoes and carrots
Wednesday- Florida Crunch salad with chicken, in spring roll wrappers
Thursday-Feijoada, a bit simplified and slimmed down with smoked turkey legs and chorizo
Friday- rice cakes with beef, mushrooms and chives

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