Making the most out of mushrooms

At the last farmer’s market I splurged on mushrooms in a major way.

My fallback mushroom dish is gnocchi with mushroom cream sauce, but this time I wanted pizza.

shiitakes, oysters and chanterelles... and they're all MINE.

First I made a whole wheat pizza dough and set it aside to rise. I trimmed and cut up only the larger mushrooms and sauteed them lightly in butter and olive oil. I stripped several branches of thyme leaves, 3 tablespoons at least, and crushed them a bit with the back of a knife. Then I rolled out a thick crust, brushed it with melted butter and olive oil, sprinkled it with thyme, then mushrooms and finally with crumbled goat cheese. Then I slid the pizza into a 450 degree oven and baked it until the crust and cheese were browned.


The pizza was delicious but a little dry, and it didn’t bowl me over with mushroom flavor. I think next time I spend $10 on local gourmet mushrooms I’ll either use more toppings on a smaller crust, or try a different recipe.

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