Mangoes, garlic scapes, Gulf shrimp at Walmart

Grocery shopping was completely random today, now I have to figure out what I bought and make a meal plan out of it. In the mean time…

Hey all you locals! There is a very nice farmer selling his own mangoes and avocados grown in Davie, Florida just a little south of 8th Ave on Waldo Road. Today only! He said he’d be there until all the mangoes are gone, or dark. I bought a big bag of 2 different kinds of mangoes and a couple of avocados.

Happy mango farmer

I found garlic scapes today. Garlic scapes have been all over Tastespotting lately, but I had never seen any here. Well, the big Asian grocery on SW 34th street had a big basket of them, so I bought a tangle. Do I have any idea what I’m going to do with them? Nope.

Aren't they pretty?

Shopping at Walmart today actually brought something happy. I don’t love shopping there, but it’s one of the many compromises that evolve between married couples. Walmart is now selling 2 brands of Gulf shrimp! I’m excited about this, being distributed by Walmart has to be a huge boon to the shrimpers. If you shop at Walmart, buy American shrimp!

Gulf shrimp FTW!

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