The Parable of the Persimmon

I love persimmons. Their crunchy orange flesh, not too sweet but subtly perfumed, just completely does it for me. The persimmon season here is short but well taken advantage of, I usually eat a dozen persimmons or more per week.

Last week I stopped at Publix to pick up some food for a luncheon at my office. And there they were, a small basket of perfect persimmons, bright orange and just barely yielding to the touch. From Chile. But I hadn’t had a persimmon in so long! So I bought one. When I got out to my car I was actually salivating… so I bit into it right there in the parking lot.

What a disappointment. The flesh was softer, bordering on gelatinous, and it was insipidly sweet. There was no perfume. I ate it anyway, it was expensive and I’m not one for wasting food, but that one persimmon reinforced everything I’ve been preaching to my family for years now.

Eat foods in their proper seasons for no other reason than they taste better.

Now I’m looking forward to persimmon season even more.

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