Interim meals and tomato flowers

We were traveling yesterday and so missed the farmers market. The challenge now is trying to fit together a meal plan for the next few days before the next farmers market on Wednesday.

The Wednesday market will be a nice change. That market has more meat and fish, maybe I can buy some Florida shrimp or some local farmed alligator for a treat. I bought a lot of fish last week, and we still have some rainbow trout fillets left, plus some of the great smoked sausage from Gilchrist sausage company. Sounds like I need to make something Cajun or maybe Creole to celebrate going to New Orleans this week. Maybe jambalaya.

Back to what we actually have: one lone onion and a super-sized zucchini, a little salad greens, shiitakes, some bits of different cheese, some cooked shrimp, a can of salmon, yogurt, olives, salsa, dry split peas, and a little bit of red beans and mixed lentils. No milk or eggs.  Or pasta, rice, or many beans. Almost out of veggies even. Fortunately I have plenty of baking supplies. We can eat bread and cake until Wednesday! Mmmm… olive and roasted garlic bread, definitely. A big pot of dal makhani using salsa instead of chopped tomato. Zucchini latkes with feta and dill, made hobak jeon style. Salmon patties with remoulade maybe. Creative cooking!

Can you see the flowers? Dead flowers but no swelling to show they've been pollinated

Something weird is happening with my tomatoes. The plants look healthy enough, a bit of leaf miner damage but nothing too catastrophic. However, none of the flowers are turning into tomatoes. The flowers seem to just wither and die. Sometimes it looks like they’ve been eaten, but there’s no stripped or munched on leaves and I haven’t seen any caterpillars. There seem to be plenty of pollinators. It’s weird. Any suggestions, gardeners?

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