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It finally rained last Saturday, a good soaking rain. First rain in about a month.

happy pond

Happy full pond

Yesterday I went to pick up my sweet potato slips at the Farmer’s Market. Gary, owner of Prairie’s Edge Organics, looked incredibly apologetic when I walked up. I thought he had just forgotten them, but apparently his cows had found the bucket of rooting sweet potato slips and munching off almost all the tops. He thought they would grow anyway but he gave me the slips for free. So nice!

Pathetic sweet potato plants

My poor pathetic sweet potato slips, planted yesterday

I’ve been researching the best options for mulch over the past week and yesterday Jim and I drove out to Soil Enrichment Products. I heard the owner speak at a gardening workshop last year and several people on the Grow Gainesville group have recommended them, so I decided to go out there and ask what they thought was best. We settled on worm castings and GM2 mix, which is peanut hulls and composted cow manure.

First Cantaloupe flower!

First cantaloupe flower!

I spread the worm castings, planted the sweet potato slips, and then mulched the center of the beds with GM2. I am bad at figuring out how much mulch to buy, I really needed 2-4 times more than I bought. Then I watered very deeply. I swear the plants look happier already.

Even though Jim’s camera is still busted, these posts just aren’t the same without photos. They just aren’t as interesting. So the photos may be from my phone, but they’re here.

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