What’s in the basket? and Meal Plan

No photos of the lovely contents of the green basket today, my poor husband’s camera is broken.

What I bought: green onions, French sorrel, cherry tomatoes, a head of broccoli, baby carrots, 4 over-ripe and cracked red bell peppers for roasting, 2 small eggplant, a dozen oranges, a large spaghetti squash, yellow speckled zucchini, cucumbers, and flowers!

What’s still in the fridge: cauliflower from last week, lambsquarters, a slightly wilted cucumber, and a giant zucchini

What’s for dinner:
Sunday: Swampwater Soup (more on this later), fresh bread or maybe a cheese stromboli made with local havarti cheese and sage out of my garden
Monday: spaghetti squash lasagna with fresh sausage from Wards, hidden zucchini and eggplant
Tuesday: sorrel pesto with walnuts and parmesan cheese on angel hair pasta
Wednesday: meatloaf made with local beef and shredded zucchini, fresh corn spoonbread, cauliflower faux-mashed potatoes, and sliced cucumber salad
Thursday: crockpot ropas viejas soft tacos (more local beef!)
Friday: leftovers!

The cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, oranges and broccoli are snacks for the kids. A good trick is to put out bowls of raw vegetables and fruit while cooking dinner. The kids are usually hungriest during this time and will eat lots of raw veggies, which I count as a salad since they’re not very thrilled about eating green salads.

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