First garden post of 2011

I have so many plans for the garden this year. Bigger! Better! Faster! Less fail!

But first, carrots and peas.

The carrots are still growing… slowly, so slowly. They’re stubby and strangely spicy, but good. We’ve had some chopped into soups but the rest raw, sliced simply in half lengthwise, in salads.

Real baby carrots

This is what real baby carrots look like...

The peas I planted way back in September? October? Are just now flowering after not really growing at all over the winter. I gave up, bought another 6pack of snap pea plants at the farmer’s market, and planted them among the still struggling plants. This afternoon I strung a light string trellis between stakes. We’ll see what happens.

The herbs are finally going strong, especially the oregano and rigani. I want to find more recipes that really showcase these herbs.

February harvest

oregano, garlic chives, mizuna and carrots!

This week is all about cleaning out the freezer but were out of town yesterday so no market. We’ll probably end up grocery shopping tomorrow after work and before the kids’ tae kwan do lessons, so weekly menu coming up!

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