Saturday Farmer’s market and a photographer returns!

My back is stronger than my arms are...

My wonderful husband’s photography has returned!  Spring is a great time for new blog photos.

What’s in the basket: Chinese honey tangerines, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green onions, French sorrel, dinosaur kale, russian kale, tat soi, carrots, rutabagas, kohlrabi, purple leaf lettuce, and a bag of shiitake mushrooms.

Chinese Honey Tangerines

Chinese Honey Tangerines from Henderson & Daughter Citrus

We have so much meat and fish still in the freezer we once again had to buy no meat. It’s kind of nice.

In the freezer: an entire leg of lamb, a bunch of lamb shanks, pork ribs, kingfish steaks, a duck

Tonight: Leg of lamb on the grill, homemade grilled pita, salad

Monday: mexican lasagna with leftover lamb, black beans, and lime-cilantro rice

Tuesday: roast duck and root veggies, garlic braised greens & shiitakes

Beautiful shiitakes

Beautiful shiitakes

Wednesday: Grilled kingfish with sorrel cream sauce, rice, and kohlrabi-carrot salad

Thursday: crockpot ribs, baked beans, leftover salad

Friday: leftovers

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