Sometimes, you order pizza

Sometimes, even the most well-intentioned whole foods advocate has to order pizza.

This was one of those disaster nights. Jim and I both had to work late. Dinner was supposed to be steak salad with bacon, blue cheese and hardboiled eggs. All that had to be done was to throw the meat under the broiler, slice it, and assemble the salad. Everything else was prepped and ready to go. Sounds easy, right?

I didn’t arrive home until 8:15pm, hours later than either of us thought. The wrong piece of meat has been pulled out to thaw. The salad greens were slimy. Minimal convenience foods means dinner is not usually quick around here. Cooking dinner almost always takes an hour. There was nothing else that could feed three adults, two teenage boys, and a very hungry girl and be ready in less than an hour.

“This is Five Star Pizza. Will this be pickup or delivery?”

Some nights will be pizza nights. Do I feel guilty because my kids ate sausage and mushroom pizza instead of a healthy salad with organic greens and free-range beef? Okay, maybe a little. But insisting on making dinner from scratch and serving it to my starving children at 9:00pm would have been worse. I also know it’s going to happen from time to time and it doesn’t change my commitment to feeding my family well. Anyone who says different is probably kidding themselves.

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