Price of lamb?

The 441 market has a farmer selling lamb for $10 per pound, on average. I don’t know how much meat they sell, I don’t think it’s much. I love lamb. I will happily pay up to 50% more for local, pastured meat, and sometimes pay more.

I would never presume to tell anyone that what they have decided the worth of what they produce is “too much”. I don’t know anything about the costs involved in producing this meat, or how much profit the farmer believes they should earn. I do know that I choose not to buy this product. How can locally farmed, free-range lamb cost twice as much as lamb raised in a country halfway around the world and flown here on an airplane? Would the farmer be ultimately more profitable selling more at a smaller profit margin?  There are economies of scale, but no one wants to turn into Walmart. There is a balance to be struck here.

The whole reason I organize the cow pools is to bring local and pastured meat into the reach of more people by trading my time and work for a reduction in cost.

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