Pig pool update

This pig pool is a go! Mr. Green is delivering the pigs to Nettles today!

After several lengthy conversations with Mr. Green, we have finally come to an agreement. He has offered to guarantee the final price at $4 a pound and he wants any meat not taken by the pool for his own freezer. This is amazing, and we will absolutely do business with this farmer any time he has pigs available. He is also making sure that the offal is not included in the per-pound price. We want to use every bit of those pigs but the oink. So far we have reserved 18 shares @ 25 pounds a share… 450 pounds of pig. Whew!

Last night I raided my parents’ library for the Time Life Good Cook book on pork. These books are 25 years old, but are without equal when it comes to dealing with whole animals, home butchery, and some home meat preserving. There are detailed illustrations on which cuts come from where on a pig. There is information on butchery all over the place, but nowhere is the information broken down in such an easy way. I wrote out long and detailed instructions last night and emailed them to the farmer and then he called me back and we talked about it for a while longer.

The most exciting part of this is receiving all of the pig parts uncured in any way! Nettles uses nitrites in everything and many in the pool don’t want preservatives. Since we can’t portion out specific cuts for specific people (this way lies madness) no one gets cured pork products, so I’ll be posting sources and recipes for home-curing next week.

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