pigs, persimmons, and pea problems

So I got a call from a guy. He told me about some pigs might be comin’ my way. I told him I wanted to make a deal…


That’s how it feels sometimes, I swear. So Jesse Green, the farmer who sold us the last cow, called me about a neighbor of his with 4 pigs. This farmer, who also is named Green, is planning on taking his pigs to Nettles, which is a USDA-inspected butcher and sausage producer. Nettles’ butcher fees are much higher than the non-USDA inspected places I prefer like Crawford’s. If I can get the guy to consider taking his hogs to Crawford’s instead of Nettles, and he offers a decent price, and enough people in the cow pool are interested… then we might be eating something other than beef and venison coming up here in a few weeks!

Vanilla Persimmon Butter

Farmer’s market was excellent yesterday. Chrysanthemum greens, tat soi, chinese chives, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, honey lip balm and some beeswax candles, a great huge pile of sweet potatoes, herbs… and a large armload of persimmons. The persimmon farmer said this was the last week for persimmons, which makes me so sad. That’s one of the reasons I love persimmons so much, because their season is so short! Then the farmer offered me a box of culls for free. Of course I took it, grinning like an idiot.

This morning I cut up all the fruit. It filled the entire crockpot. I barely covered it with water, added the peel and juice of one lemon and a slit vanilla bean. I let it cook all day on high with the lid off, stirring every hour or so. About an hour ago I added two heaping cups of sugar and ran it in batches through the blender. This one batch filled two quart jars, 2 pint jars, and one small 8oz jar of vanilla persimmon butter.

The peas that would not grow

My peas are not growing. I think they are getting enough water, plenty of sun, the weather has been mild, the soil is good… I can’t understand what’s wrong. I should be harvesting peas right now according to the package.

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