What’s in the basket? And garden

Farmers market haul

This morning was our first chance to go to the farmers market in weeks. It’s greens season… greens, greens and persimmons. I am thrilled that the market is diversifying. There are now cheese makers, dairies, farmers selling chickens, bakeries, home made preserves and pickles and honey sellers in addition to the produce stands. We could almost do all of our weekly shopping at this one market. It’s wonderful.

Preserves and goat cheese

My garden is not doing as well. No disease or pests that I can see, but the plants are growing very slowly. The only thing I

Carrot plants

can blame is the lack of rain. It has rained only once in the last 8 weeks. I was trying not to water the garden often to encourage deeper root systems, but now I think this was wrong, and I will be watering every three days. This is the dry season in Florida and peas especially are a water-loving crop.

Pea pants, also not growing

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