What’s in the basket? and Week’s Menu

I went a little crazy at the market today. Greens! Greens everywhere!

Also, usually my husband and I do the grocery shopping together but this morning he wanted to sleep in, so my daughter and I went instead. Her enthusiasm is the best sale tactic, I basically bought any produce she exclaimed over.

1 chicken (5lb, $14), 8 oz fresh goat cheese ($5), a small paper bag of fresh shiitakes, mizuna, bok choy, more cucumbers, 3 eggplants, a bunch of mixed sweet and frying peppers, parsley, cilantro, and a huge Indian pumpkin. Total $40.

Tonight: dal tadka, leftover chicken

tomorrow: broiled trout, sauteed squash, greens with bacon, pumpkin soup

Monday: eggplant parmesan

Tuesday: beef and barley soup with shiitake mushrooms and leeks

Wednesday: Hainanese chicken and rice, steamed bok choy

Thursday: red beans and rice, cornbread

Friday: leftovers!

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