The Farmer’s Market Experiment

This afternoon is the Downtown Farmer’s Market, by far the most diverse of the farmer’s markets in Gainesville. There’s plenty of value-added products, fresh produce from local farms and a couple of “truck booths”, including one from a south Florida co-op that features tropical fruits. There’s also a number of “flea-market style” booth selling hippie wares. This market also has several cheese, meat and seafood vendors and at least one bakery.

I am curious… how much would it cost to do a full week’s shopping at the market for 2 adults and 3 kids? Two of those kids are teen boys. The kids don’t eat school lunches. We only eat out once a week. It’s a large volume of food. Would I be able to buy enough food for 18 meals for 5 people and stay in our weekly grocery + household supplies budget of $150?

So today we’re going to try a partial experiment. Today’s Wednesday, and we’re shopping again on Saturday. I will need to buy enough to feed us for 8 meals, including the food we have already at home. I also have to be able to transport it by myself on the bus, and then carry it from the bus stop to the gym. I’m going to budget $50 for this and see what I can squeeze out of it.

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