seedlings, rain and writing

It was a no-local weekend for me, alas. I was at work much of Saturday, so no farmer’s market. I didn’t do the grocery shopping so most of it was done at Publix. I’ll hit the downtown market for fresh produce on Wednesday, and probably will rely on the downtown market for the next few weeks, as we’ll be out of town the next few weekends.

Nantes carrot seedlings... the only ones

I planted the sugar snap peas, carrots, parsley, cilantro and mixed lettuces more than two weeks ago, and I have very few seedlings so far. It’s been very dry and bright. We have finally received some rain last night and today. I hope by this weekend we have some more seedlings.

I’m writing an article about local turkey production for Hogtown Homegrown and having a harder time getting someone on the phone than I thought I would have. The only replies I’ve received have just said “So sorry, we’re already sold out”. The recipe for this was the easy part.

Looking forward to blowing off some steam pulling weeds at McRorie Garden tomorrow.

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