Mushrooms and Cow Pool

Aren't they beautiful?

We received a log inoculated with mushroom rods quite a while ago in trade for some of my husband’s photography at the Farmer’s Market, but it never produced any mushrooms. After a while we sort of forgot about it. I was repotting a bunch of plants last weekend and rediscovered the mushroom log, so last Saturday we asked the mushroom farmers about it. They suggested soaking it for a day and see what happened. So I tossed the whole thing in our backyard pond for 24 hours and then put it back in the shade under the gazebo.

A week later, mushrooms abound!

There are so many beautiful shiitakes. We had a few of the largest ones on homemade pizza last night, but their flavor was overpowered by the other pizza toppings. With this large a crop, I’m trying to decide what to do with the rest of them this week. Once they get a little larger, I’ll harvest them all. Then we’ll let the log “rest” for a week, then soak it again and see if we can get another crop.

There are so many!

What should I do with them? I’m thinking a good rice cake stirfry with the garlic chives I have left over from last Saturday, but I might make cream of mushroom soup.

I had dental surgery on Tuesday and still can’t chew anything so I’m subsisting on soup and rice pudding for now. Cream of mushroom soup would be lovely.

This morning I heard back from a rancher in Alachua I’ve been emailing with for over a month. She finally has a cow ready and has agreed to use our butcher. I’m going over there tomorrow to take a look at the cows and meet the rancher.

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