Fall planting has begun, and farmer’s market

Yesterday Jim and I bought worm castings, Vermiplex seed starting solution, Fertilome root stimulant, and a bunch of seeds. This morning I removed the plastic from the bed that has been baking for almost two months. Hopefully the solarization worked. We put down most of the bag of worm castings and lightly dug it in, then planted the mesclun, rainbow carrots, chantenay carrots, mizuna, parsley, and cilantro. When the sun starts to go down I’ll water heavily with the Fertilome, if it doesn’t rain. I’m soaking the sugar snap peas overnight in a weak solution of Vermiplex and they’ll get planted when I get home from work tomorrow.

We were planning on building another raised bed, but now it looks like we may be moving in February. I hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does then we’re going to try and find a neighbor to take over the two beds already there. Even if they only grow flowers, I don’t want all of this work (and money!) to go to waste.

We went to the 441 market yesterday but only bought honey. We still have 2 drawers of produce left from my produce spree at the downtown market last Wednesday. I bought tiny white Chinese eggplants, huge red peppers, avocado from South Florida, zucchini and yellow squash, cilantro, and the first Fuyu persimmons of the season!

This morning I worked in the back garden most of the morning. The back garden has been sorely neglected since we’ve been so busy. I split up the bromeliads, repotted the gingers, fertilized and watered everything, cleaned out the pond, threw the mushroom log in the pond to soak, and pulled the net off the citrus tree. I noticed whitefly on the citrus tree so now that has to be sprayed with neem oil. The fight against bugs never ends here.

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