eggplants, peppers, and okra… oh my!

The brutal heat and humidity of this summer is really starting to make itself known at the market this week. Several farmers complained to me about white fly (which is rather ironic, since this is the most common agricultural pest and the only one I *never* saw in my own garden) seriously hurting their yields. There are several organic ways to combat white fly, but all have to be reapplied after rain, and it’s been raining damn near every day. Those organic pesticides get real expensive if you have to reapply them to an acre or more every day. I sympathized as much as I could with them and bought whatever they had that looked good. There was still plenty!

Look at the beautiful colors!

What’s in the basket: eggplants, Asian pears, ripe Ancho and Turkish peppers, garlic chives, small butternut squashes, a bag of okra, two baskets of cherry tomatoes, more shiitake mushrooms, big ripe tomatoes, these great stripy cucumbers, and a small pineapple. Total spent: $32.

I buy pineapples whenever I see them. Only one farmer in the area is growing them in greenhouses, and he only ha a small crop this year due to the sub-freezing temperatures we had for over 10 days last winter. He said today he’s beefing up his greenhouses just in case. He also grows bananas and papayas in his greenhouses.

Little ancho and Turkish peppers for stuffing

The kids go back to school the day after tomorrow, so I’m back to making lunches for three voracious kids every day. On the weekends I bake treats for their lunchboxes and make up sandwich fillings and snacks, and then every evening they put together their lunches from the choices. It’s a good balance hen I can keep up with it and I know my kids are eating well.

Lunches this week: turkey and Cypress Point Creamery gouda rolls, hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and brownies. No ground, pressed, nitrite-laden, and sliced turkey… I’m just going to cook a turkey in the crockpot and slice it up. It’s about 10x cheaper, too.

Tonight: leftovers

Sunday: Tuna and stuffed peppers on the grill

Monday: Cobb salad and Gulf Rock shrimp grilled on lemongrass skewers (sounds fancy, but I just need to thin out my lemongrass)

Tuesday: Cajun sausage, peppers, beans and rice in the crockpot

Wednesday: tteokguk (Korean rice cake soup) with beef, garlic chives, squash, and shiitake mushrooms

Thursday: broiled trout, sweet potatoes, okra

Friday: eggplant parmesan

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