What’s in the basket?

This is the season of eggplant and okra… like, that’s mostly all there is at the farmer’s market. Since my kids are sick unto death of eggplant and none but me like okra, it was more challenging than usual to buy all of our produce at one market.

We bought: sunflower sprouts, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, gallberry honey, palmetto honey, 2 kinds of sweet potatoes, more pears, garlic chives, lettuce (grown in a shade tunnel!), and a bunch of sweet peppers.

I just hope the eggplants hold out a few more weeks. I need a whole bunch of tiny eggplants for a catering job and I’d rather buy them at the farmer’s market. We did have to buy a bit of produce from Ward’s. Thankfully Wards still has local blueberries even though they’ve disappeared from the farmer’s market. We bought $14 worth of blueberries because of this. The kids will eat a pint a day of blueberries fresh!

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