Wait, this was supposed to be a light week?

May and June are *the* months for the Saturday farmer’s market here. The Saturday market is a growers-only market and has fairly strict limitations on its vendors, so there is little other than produce and nursery plants, but these are the months that the variety really explodes. And as the variety explodes so do the number of patrons.

This was supposed to be a “light week” since we’re all going our separate ways this weekend. As usual, the plan only holds until first contact with temptation. Everything looked so wonderful! I couldn’t resist one more squash, one more basket of eggplant, oh and we have to have shiitakes… you know how it goes.

In the Basket 062610

Look at all the different colors!

In the basket: four different kinds of eggplants, peppers, zucchini, garlic chives, field peas, roasting tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, shiitakes, and a whole big bag of soft tomato “seconds” which will become marinara sauce this afternoon.

Meal plan:

Tonight it’s just me and the girl child, we’ll eat leftovers and stuff ourselves with the rest of the cantaloupe

  • Sunday- lamb kabob, eggplant in tamarind sauce, pumpkin & gourd stir-fry, yam fritters, and rice
  • Monday- beef fajitas with lots of peppers, homemade frijoles refritos, roasted tomatoes, and local cheddar cheese
  • Tuesday- probably spaghetti with homemade marinara
  • Wednesday- Eggplant, garlic chive and shiitake tteokbokki, which we’re having about once a week now.
  • Thursday- clean out the fridge day/night.
Local shiitake mushrooms

Local shiitake mushrooms, destined for tteokbokki!

I’m off to chop tomatoes and harvest herbs. Everybody have a great weekend!

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