What’s in the basket?

I went to the Downtown farmer’s market after work today to pick up more fresh fruit and some veggies to keep us until the end of the week. Traveling on the weekends always throws me off; our regular shopping day is Saturday and so when we’re gone for the weekend we have to live on whatever’s in the fridge until Wednesday. I enjoy the challenge of making up meals out of food found in the random corners of the pantry, but we needed veggies!

Today I bought: peaches, tiny little sugar plums, 2 large cantaloupes, cucumbers, peppers, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 pound locally-produced cheddar cheese

The only depressing note was the price of eggs. Eggs at the grocery store, regular old factory farmed eggs, are $2 a dozen. All the eggs at the farmer’s market today, all three places selling eggs, were $5 a dozen. I will pay a higher price for quality food, but I just can’t stomach $5 for a dozen eggs. Am I being cheap? Are the farmers charging the highest the market can bear? They have every right to do so, but I just can’t pay it.

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