Solstice dinner, first tomatoes, gardening in New Orleans

I am proud of our Summer Solstice dinner. Saturday Alex & I bought a huge 4 lb filet of a fish just pulled from the Atlantic that morning at a little fish market in Malabar. Local fish is surprisingly difficult to find in south Florida, we had to hunt to find a fish market small enough to sell locally caught fish. When I got home from work I gleefully got to work cutting the skin off and cutting the thick fillet into manageable hunks. I dipped the fish in well-beaten yogurt from Cognito Farms and then dredged it in Alabama white cornmeal and a healthy dose of cajun seasoning. The chunks were then lovingly fried until crispy. To go along with our lovely fried fish dinner, I made spoon bread with 7 ears of fresh farmer’s market corn cut off the cob (boy does *that* make a mess) and the rest of the Cognito Farms yogurt.

The crowning glory of the dinner was our first two red tomatoes and our very first lemon cucumber. The tomatoes were cracked and holey, and I had to cut away bad spots with ants in them… but they were delicious anyway. The kids were particularly entranced by the spiky cucumber, I had to show them how to rub the spikes off with a towel. If I were a good blogger I would have photos but we had already consumed most of the cucumber and one tomato before I thought of it. Next time, I promise photos.

Grist posted an excellent article on farming in the Catholic Vietnamese community in south Louisiana that I want to share. We think our backyard gardening and community gardens are so nouveau-alternative, but the older generation of immigrants laughs at us.

Happy Summer Solstice, everyone!

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