Missing the point, journalistic bias

While I am inured to the wildly liberal bent of many of the blogs I follow, seldom do I see an issue grossly misrepresented. I have never commented. After all, who wants to hear from the lone conservative in the room?

This morning I just could not refrain from commenting and live with my own spluttering conscience.

Read the whole thing. My comment is #1.

One would think liberals would be more sensitive to such blatantly classist language, but alas. Do farmers who market their products directly to food-conscious urbanites through farmer’s markets and other renewed marketing tactics deserve more grant and loan money than rural farmers who may or may not produce food for “the system”? Aren’t these Senators doing their jobs by questioning where the money is going?

I am happily surprised the editor approved my comment and I look forward to seeing any conversation it starts.

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