Snake rescue, tobacco mosaic, and tomato hornworms.

These cucumber vines are 10 feet tall. No lie.

It’s been an exciting afternoon.

I checked on my garden as soon as I got home from work, as I do just about every day. Both beds are looking rather ragged. I can tell the plants are assimilating the emergency side dressing of composted chicken manure, the leaves are definitely greening up again and the new leaves look… perkier, I guess. However I’m pretty sure the tomatoes have tobacco mosaic virus, for which nothing can be done, and we pulled off four tomato hornworms as big around as my thumb. The zucchini is started to get really attacked by leaf miners, which Bt does not affect, and may have blight.

Zucchini leaf with leaf miners and blight

Tomatoes with Tobacco Mosaic Virus, I think

James and I startled a juvenile black racer and it ran right into the bird netting around the citrus trees. Poor thing.

Free at last!

Don't eat me!

I am so ready for a beer.

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