Farmer’s Market and Meal Plan

May and June are the months our local growers market is really hopping. As annoying as it is to hunt for parking, it’s truly lovely to see all the farmers doing brisk business under the renovated market pavilions.

This week we bought: Italian flat-podded snap beans, tomatoes, one bunch of baby greens, a huge bunch of garlic chives, 2 bunches of beautiful purple baby onions, a bunch of tiny seedless cucumbers, sweet potatoes, tiny sweet tomatoes (which are already all gone), 2 small ruffled cabbages, 3 lovely red bell peppers, and one of the season’s first cantaloupes. Which is also gone, as we ate it this morning for breakfast.

Tonight- grilled pork steaks, sweet potato fries, and coleslaw

Monday- Rice cake stirfry with leftover pork, garlic chives, and snap beans

Tuesday- Mojo pork in the crockpot with the red peppers and the rest of the baby onions, rice and black beans, green salad

Wednesday- Soup and pesto rolls

Thursday- Leftovers!!

Friday- homemade pizza night

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